Red Dead Redemption 2: Infinite Money Exploit – Gold Glitch

This adventure/glitch gives you unending cash in Red Dead Redemption 2. Get $ 15,000 in only 10 minutes!

This stunt works as of now just with rendition 1.02

An outline of all trophy aides can be discovered right here, and we likewise have a total RDR2 Wiki.

Infinite Gold – $ 15,000 Gold Bullion – RDR 2 Glitch

IMPORTANT: This only works if you have not yet purchased the “Special Horse Stimulant Pamphlet” from a dealer!

Step 1: Go to “Limpany“, a burnt village just a little way northwest of Flatneck Station.

Step 2: Optional! Save Manual. That’s the only way you can return to a save game without exploiting it. Also disables Auto Save to simplify this.

Step 3: Open the locker in the burned-down sheriff building. It should be a gold bar and a letter in it. If you do not see the letter because you have already purchased the Horse Stimulant booklet, this exploit will not work for you.

Step 4: Look at the gold so that it shows the words “gold bars” in the lower right corner. It’s easier in the first person perspective. As you look at the bar, the game saves, exits the game from the menu, and clicks Continue Story in the title screen.

Step 5: You will spawn somewhere nearby. Return to the box. The letter should be gone now. There are now infinite gold bars in the box. Pick up as many as you can carry (up to 30, giving a total of $ 15,000).

Step 6: Sell the 30 gold bars on a fence for $ 15,000.

Now you can repeat steps 3-6 as many times as you want. $ 15,000 is enough to play a full game. After the story, you will receive another € 20,000.

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