Shadow oft the Tomb Raider: Rotating Stone Pillars – Puzzle solution

On your way to the Hidden City, you will come to the Path of the Living in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, where you have to open a stone gate in one place by adjusting various stone columns correctly. You have to find the right Maya date.

Location: Kuwaq-Yaku
Mission: Path of the Living
Objective: Find a way to open the gate

Once you have left and right (before the round stone gate) two columns with symbols. In the first step, you only have to turn both until a bridge appears on the respective side.

On both sides you will see new symbols when you open the gates.

It then follows several steps, it will then more and more symbols that you have to adjust to finally open the main gate, behind it, among other things, the ability “Claws of the Eagle” is waiting for you.

Below we have a video with the individual steps and a picture we have to set the columns Final.

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sottr pillars puzzle

Rotating STONE PILLARS Puzzle – Path of the Living

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