Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Cart Puzzle solution – Hunter’s Moon


In Shadow of the Tomb Raider there are an aggregate of 10 riddles to unravel. In this guide we tell you the best way to unravel the riddle with the truck in Mission: Hunter’s Moon.

To start with, we’ll disclose how to comprehend the riddle, underneath you’ll locate a coordinating video!

Strategic’s: Moon

Undertaking: Get to the highest point of the Pyramid

Territory: Cozumel

  • Roll the wooden cart down onto the round turntable.
  • Then go up the wood path. There you have a crank, which you can use with square/X.
  • Turning the crank will also turn the disc with the cart. Turn it so that the side with the white rope is in your direction.
  • Now shoot with your bow on the white rope, connecting it with the crank.
  • Turn the crank and pull the cart with it.
  • Then release the crank, disconnect the rope with triangle/Y. Then the scree should be destroyed.

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Cart Puzzle – Temple of the Moon – Video Guide

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