Spyro the Dragon: Mushroom Hunter – Trophy & Achievement Guide


In order to complete Spyro The Dragon with 100% you have to unlock all trophies / achievements. In this guide we explain the following task to you:

Mushroom Hunter
Flame 5 Glowing Mushrooms in Beast Makers

The complete list of all trophies and achievement guides can be found here.

Find all blue Glowing Mushrooms in Beast Makers

In the Monster Makers World, 5 blue-glowing mushrooms are hidden. Breath fire on the mushrooms to unlock this trophy.

  1. One is located behind the entrance to the Wild Flight level
  2. Behind the entrance to Misty Bog
  3. Behind the entrance to treetops
  4. In front of the entrance to Metalhead
  5. On the high temple, which is located in front of the entrance of Metalhead
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