Borderlands 3: All Side Missions & Locations

In Borderlands 3 there are some side missions you’ll be able to find and finish. These quests are optional, so they do not need to be performed to finish the story.

On every one of the planets side missions are concealed, we wish to show you all of these missions, in which they started and ways to solve them! The next trophies can be unlocked from the side missions:

  • Getting A Little On The Side
    Complete all Side Missions.
  • À La Carte
    Complete 20 Side Missions.

For an overview of all trophies, see our 100% Trophy Guide to Borderlands 3.


Borderlands 3 – All Side Missions Guide

This guide is under construction and will be added soon!



Mission Area Quest Giver
Powerful Connections The Droughts Marcus’ Vending Machine
Bad Reception The Droughts Claptrap
Golden Calves The Droughts Ellie
Dump on Dumptruck The Droughts – Highway Ellie
Under Taker The Droughts
Skag Dog Days The Droughts – Highway Chef Frank
Head Case Ascension Bluff Vaughn


Sanctuary Side Missions

Mission Area Quest Giver
Kill Demoskaggon Sanctuary Notice board
Just a Prick The Infirmary Tannis
Kill Borman Nates
Kill Killavolt
Kill Wick and Warty
Invasion of Privacy


Promethea Side Missions

Mission Area Quest Giver
Healers and Dealers
Rise and Grind Lorelei
Dynasty Diner Lorelei (After Rise & Grind)
Technical NOGout Lorelei (Quest board)
Opposition Research
Ratch’d Up


Athenas Missions

Mission Area Quest Giver
Holy Spirits Storm Brewin Bar Brother Mendel


Eden-6 Missions

Mission Area Quest Giver
Don’t Truck with Eden-6
On the Blood Path
The Kevin Konundrum
Witch’s Brew
Malevolent Practice
Capture the Frag
Swano Bro
Dynasty Dash: Eden-6


Nekrotafeyo Missions

Mission Area Quest Giver
Cannonization Desolation’s Edge
Bad Vibrations Desolation’s Edge
Homeopathological Desolation’s Edge
It’s Alive Desolation’s Edge
Transaction-Packed Desolation’s Edge
Welcome to Slaughterstar 3000 Desolation’s Edge
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