Destiny 2: Drifter Tapes Location Guide – The Survival Guide


Destiny 2 Joker’s Wild — All Drifter Tape Locations — Allegiance Quest -The Survival Guide.

You will not find all of the Tapes and dialogues for your quest measure The Survival Guide in the Allegiance Quest?

We show you tape places and dialogues, you can see all of them in the movie below. Underneath you will discover timestamps for all 7 tapes.


The Survival Guide

After investigating the Drifter’s Haul, you discovered he has hidden messages around the EDZ for his protégé. One of those tapes could contain the final piece of evidence that you and Aunor need to prove for once and for all that the Drifter is up to no good.

Search the EDZ for Drifter’s tapes. One tape can be found near computer consoles in each of the following patrol areas and Lost Sectors: Trostland, Skydock IV, Flooded Chasm, Soujourner’s Camp, Excavation Site XII, Winding Cove, and Scavenger’s Den.

All Drifter Tape Locations and Dialogue

00:00 – #0 “Mystery and Potential” Mission
01:37 – #1 Trostland
03:16 – #2 Skydock IV
05:19 – #3 Flooded Chasm
07:00 – #4 Sojourner’s Camp
08:13 – #5 Excavation Site XII
09:56 – #6 Winding Cove
11:22 – #7 Scavenger’s Den

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