The Division 2: Barkeeper Jeff Side Mission Guide


In”The Section two ” you will find a few optional orders, also referred to as side missions. We show you the side assignment: Barkeeper Jeff.

This is a degree 19 assignment
This assignment is available as soon as you have saved President Ellis, Bank Headquarters Mission. Talk to Scott Williamson at the campus site.

An overview of additional missions can be found here.


Find bartender Jeff

This mission is quite short, go to the marker on the map. Walk through the building to the construction site in the backyard.

Stay on top of the platform and take a look around, marking all enemies in the field of view. You can single them down or use the explosive barrels and canisters.

When this area is cleared, you have to loll the rope and rappel off.

Once at the bottom, you should quickly find a cover, you have to fend off some waves of enemies. The first enemies will come from the north, the second wave and the armored tank will come from the south.

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