DRAGON QUEST XI: All Side Quests – Locations & Rewards


In Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age , there are numerous undertakings you can part with, collectables you can discover and there are a few missions.

In this guide we need to give all of you accessible journeys in Dragon Quest XI and clarify where you can begin the missions and what rewards you can get.

There are additionally trophies that you can just open by means of missions, for example, the accompanying assignment:

Mission to Impress

Granted for finishing 40 missions.

Have you seen all the PS4 trophies for the game? Here you go to our Dragon Quest XI Trophy Guide.


Quests, locations and rewards – Dragon Quest XI

Quest Location Reward
The People’s Friend obblestone Village Sleeping Hibiscus
Amelia’s in a Pickle Heliodor Kitty Litter
The Soldier and the Strategist: A Tale of Two Heroes Heliodor Drasilian Shilling
It Takes Two to Tango Heliodor Foothills Gold Chain
Smiths and Sparkly Spots Hotto I Love Arms (recipe book)
Put a Ring on It Hotto Crucerang
Some Like It Hotto Hotto
A Cactus Cutlet to Die For Gallopolis Trickster
A Walk on the Wild Side Gallopolis Furry Finery (recipe book)
A Lovely Letter Gallopolis,
Laguna di Gondolia Checkpoint
Cutting-Edge Kit (recipe book)
A Little Bit Of Lantern Gallopolis
The Search For The Sage’s Stone Gondolia
An Even Lovelier Letter Gondolia Mini Medal
A Path to Paradise Zwaardrust, outside the inn. Robe of Serenity
Skincare for the Fierce and Fabulous Octagonia The Dapper Chap (recipe book)
The Shadow Octagonia Mini Medal
Anything For Love Puerto Valor Make a Whip-Roaring
Success (recipe book)
A Rush Of Blood Puerto Valor Garter
When Knight Falls Puerto Valor
Shiver Me Timbers Puerto Valor Sweet Stuff for Swindlers (recipe book)
A Path To Paradise Warriors Rest Inn Robe of Serenity
A Ballad Of Bravery Warriors Rest Inn
Up Where They Walk Nautica Graco’s Trident
Marking A Momentous Occasion Nautica
Justice Is Brined Nautica
My Secret Saint Lonalulu
Soothing Seaweed Lonalulu
My Kingdom For Some Kanaloamari Lonalulu
The Measure Of A Man Lonalulu
Light It Up Phnom Nonh Silver Ore x10
Worth Its Salt Phnom Nonh
Making Things Right L Acadmemie De Notre Maitre Dres Medailles Mini Medal x3
A Memorable Mystery L Acadmemie De Notre Maitre Dres Medailles Belle’s Bow
The Agony And The Ecstasy L Acadmemie De Notre Maitre Dres Medailles Uniforme de l’Academie
Madame Labouche’s Life Lesson L Acadmemie De Notre Maitre Dres Medailles
A Delayed Diploma L Acadmemie De Notre Maitre Dres Medailles
A Fragrant File L Acadmemie De Notre Maitre Dres Medailles
A Right Riddle L Acadmemie De Notre Maitre Dres Medailles
One Last Request L Acadmemie De Notre Maitre Dres Medailles
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