Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Cart Puzzle solution – Hunter’s Moon

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider there are a total of 10 puzzles to solve. In this guide we show you how to solve the puzzle with the cart in Mission: Hunter’s Moon.

First, we’ll explain how to solve the puzzle, below you’ll find a matching video!

Mission: Hunter’s Moon
Task: Get to the top of the Pyramid
Area: Cozumel

  • Roll the wooden cart down onto the round turntable.
  • Then go up the wood path. There you have a crank, which you can use with square/X.
  • Turning the crank will also turn the disc with the cart. Turn it so that the side with the white rope is in your direction.
  • Now shoot with your bow on the white rope, connecting it with the crank.
  • Turn the crank and pull the cart with it.
  • Then release the crank, disconnect the rope with triangle/Y. Then the scree should be destroyed.


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Cart Puzzle – Temple of the Moon – Video Guide

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