Destiny 2 – This is how you find the Saint-14’s Ghost

Destiny 2 features the Legendary Quest Spirit of the 14th Saint. This exploration has a total of nine steps which you need to finish to finish the quest.

One of those steps requires that you find the spirit of this saint that is 14th:

An impossible task — Saint-14’s Ghost
The Vex transponders you planted have discovered a network sign in the Cistern at the Pools of Luminance. Head there and see if you can open a gateway to the Vex network on Nessus.

Saint-14’s Ghost Location

To find the Saint-14’s Ghost you have to travel to the planet Nessus. Land there at the cistern and then go to the gate location.

The path can be a little confusing and difficult to explain, so we’ve included a video below.

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