Fallout 76 Version Full Mobile Game Free Download

Fallout 76 Version Full Mobile Game Free Download

Fallout 76 Version Full Mobile Game Free Download

Fallout 76 Version Full Mobile Game Free Download

General Updates

Please Notice: As part of the maintenance, we’ve set up a repair for the Electricity Armor system, which will unstack Chassis which were not supposed to stack. This issue affected roughly 9 percent of people. — With this shift, a few players may observe the following upon the first login after the patch: — A additional empty Chassis may show up in the Character’s stock, Stash, or even both. — Power Armor might have been unequipped and proceeded to Nature’s stock.

Additionally, we’re still actively working to tackle the control lock, which could happen when departing Power Saver and intend to launch a hotfix as soon as possible after we’re confident that our repair will completely resolve this situation. Thanks for your continuing patience.

Public Occasions

The Occasions system has obtained the quality of life improvements, predicated mostly on community opinions, and choose events reclassified as”Public Occasions” These events comprise fresh UI improvements and several mechanics alterations.

UI Improvements

  • Public Occasions feature a bigger and more conspicuous Map icon when compared with ordinary occasions.
  • Highlighting an energetic Public Event on the web site currently shows a dialog box that provides more information, such as:
  • Just how many gamers are now engaging.
  • How long has passed since the event started?
  • An overall difficulty evaluation relies more on the intricacy of the event’s goals than the problem of these enemies.
  • The sort of gameplay provided by that occasion (Boss, Defense, etc.).
  • Public Event Loading Screens today exhibit more detailed event descriptions, such as strategies for success.
  • When a Public event starts, all players on this world who’ve attained level 7 and therefore are not inside a Vault will get a statement close to the top-left corner of their display.

Mechanics Changes

  • Quick Travel to Public Events is currently free.
  • Gamers no more fall Junk on passing during Public Occasions in Adventure Mode.
  • Rather, the respawn timer increases with each successive passing up to a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Public Occasions feature a time period that players may use to collect and organize before beginning an occasion.
  • After going into the event place or Quick Traveling into the case, a timer will demonstrate how long players have made to set up and make programs.
  • Players may finish a beginning objective to start an event prematurely. As an instance, turning to the boilers throughout TeaTime.
  • If no players are at the case place and nobody has finished the event’s starting goal once the timer expires, the occasion will shut down.
  • All Public Occasions, except Scorched Earth, Encrypted, and Seasonal Occasions, today share the Identical cooldown interval from the start of the Preceding event before the next starts.
  • Visit our current Public Events Preview post on Fallout.com to capture more details about these modifications, including a complete collection of Public Occasions.

Layout and Balance Upgrades

  • Energy Weapons: Today Gain from Armor Penetration effects, such as those supplied by Perk Cards. By way of instance, Energy Weapons using the Anti-Armor legendary feature will bypass Energy Resistance.
  • Hazmat Suits: Could now be crafted along with a Hazmat Suit Recipe can be bought from a Train Station Vendors.
  • Mods: Bonus Anti-Scorched harm offered by Prime Receiver Mods has been raised from +25% to +35%.
  • Strategies: The Protective Lining Strategy for Everyday Underarmor is currently available for purchase from
  • Vendors at
  • Harper’s Ferry, Watoga, and The White spring when the participant has learned the recipe to get Resistant Lining.
  • Small Backpacks: A brand new kind of Backpack, the”Little Backpack,” was included in a bid to assist more players in getting a Backpack before on through their Appalachian experiences.
  • A Strategy to craft a Little Backpack can be found within the Overseer’s Cache within the Morgantown Airport.
  • Terminal. This strategy can’t be traded, sold, or lost.
  • Small Backpacks have 50 percent of the carrying capability given by a normal Backpack.
  • Small Backpacks could be outfitted with the very same Mods as a typical Backpack.
  • Players may nevertheless Learn How to craft Conventional Backpacks by finishing Pioneer Scout Quests.
  • The Purveyor: When buying weapons in the Purveyor, gamers now have an Opportunity to Get legendary variations of the next weapons (provided that the participant has learned the recipes to the bottom weapon):
  • Sheepsquatch Club
  • Sheepsquatch Staff
  • Shepherds Crook
  • The Fixer
  • Bear Arm
  • Train Stations: Atomic Shop Access Points have been eliminated from Train Stations.
  • Vault 94 Benefits: The XP rewards for finishing Vault 94 Missions are improved to 1,600 (Novice),
  • 1,800 (Standard), and 2,000 (Pro ). Also, the Pro mid-quest XP reward was increased to 1,000.
  • Vault 94 Rewards: The Drill was eliminated as a potential legendary thing reward when finishing a Vault 94 Mission.

Quests and Events

Bucket Listing: The Private Terminal, which is unlocked at no cost from the Atomic Shop, today contains an entrance that will lead players into the present area of the Tourist corpse.
This quality of life advancement will help players easily start the Bucket List Quest and receive a ProSnap
Deluxe Camera.


The Atomic Shop

Several new things are added to the civic Shop with the current update. Grab a brief description below, and watch out for the Atomic Shop informative article on Fallout.com for additional information.

New Utility Things

Collection Station: After constructing a Collection Station at C.A.M.P., a Collection bot will hunt the local place for Scrap and other straightforward products. Collection Stations could be unlocked at the Atomic Shop.
Refrigerators: After constructing a toaster in C.A.M.P., players may assign food and beverage items to it in the Stash to impede their spoilage speed by 50%. Refrigerators could be unlocked at the Atomic Shop.

New C.A.M.P. Décor

Backgrounds: The Modify menu can now be employed to employ a vast array of Wallpapers into Walls from the participant’s
C.A.M.P. Wallpapers may be unlocked from the Atomic Shop.

Present Item Updates

White Picket Fences: gamers who own the White Picket Fence collection can now construct alternative models that snap together.

User Interface

Crafting Menus: Weapon and Armor Workbenches now display the number of Mods the participant has unlocked so much for a given thing, in addition to the entire number of mods out there for that product.
Stash: Players will now get a”Stash is complete” message when trying to assign things from their stock to items such as Vending Machines or Screen Cases while the Stash is complete.

Atomic Winter Updates

New Map: Morgantown

  • ZAX has determined the Vault 51 Overseer selection procedure requires a change of scenery! A brand new
  • Morgantown map for Atomic Winter is currently available for play.
  • Morgantown features tons of chances for urban battle and many of the greatest peaks in Appalachia, providing Nominees a varied battle to master.
  • Nominees may also take on fresh enemy monsters, such as Assaultrons, the Grafton Monster, and
  • All Atomic Winter matches will briefly be happening in Morgantown to provide Nominees an opportunity to master the map.
  • Learn more about Morgantown by studying the Most Recent transmission from ZAX on Fallout.com.

New Limited-Time Rewards!

In celebration of the newest map, we have added six new Vault-Tec University themed benefits, which you could unlock for free from finishing Atomic Winter Challenges for the upcoming few weeks.
These benefits include new clothes and C.A.M.P. décor, so make sure you maintain them until they are no longer offered!

International Matchmaking

  • Matchmaking improvements for Atomic Winter allow Nominees to choose the struggle to become Vault 51’s
  • Overseer globally and compete against players from all over the world.
  • This may even help players in most game areas find games more quickly in circumstances where matchmaking could have taken extra time.
  • Challenges
  • Daily Challenges: Atomic Winter Daily Challenges are now automatically monitored in the Challenge Tracker that looks on the Map display.


New Weapons: Assaultron Heads and Gauss Rifles are included and may look in Medium and Large Supply Crates, respectively.


  • Dead Person Sprinting: This Perk Card’s performance was upgraded: While under 50% health, the conduct rate is raised at a higher Action Point price.
  • Overly Generous: The chance to inflict Rads has been raised, and the number of Rads inflicted continues to be raised from 50 to 200.
  • Read Resist: Rad immunity rose from 40 to 650.
  • Refractor: Energy resistance rose by 40 to 80.


Audio Effects: New audio queues will play when downing or murdering another participant.
Main Menu Music: Players may now decide to reduce the quantity of or muffle the Main Menu songs while queued.

How to Install Game?

1. Click on the “Download Game” button.
2. Download “Fallout 76” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).
3. Open the Installer, Click Next, and choose the directory where to Install.
4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory.
5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.




Fallout 76 Version Full Mobile Game Free Download
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