Woah! 'Red Dead Redemption 2’ Corpses Actually Decompose

Woah! ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Corpses Actually Decompose

Woah! 'Red Dead Redemption 2’ Corpses Actually Decompose

Woah! ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Corpses Decompose

It’s been four years since Rockstar Red Dead Redemption II was released. The game’s incredible detail continues to amaze players. “Look at the cool thing people just discovered in 2” might be its category. It doesn’t appear like this game will slow down anytime soon, even though it has been four years since its release.

Reddit users discovered (and wrote things that were likely to land them on some watchlist). Fun! It’s quite cool.

This was posted to the r/reddeadredemption forum by AllanRosckof, who asked: “Question regarding NPC decomposition.” Is it possible for a body or skeleton to become a body in the time required? Attached is a wonderful picture of an NPC going through several stages.

This was met with confusion. Zealous1329. replied, “I thought that the bodies just vanished after a while.” Apparently, no. According to AllanRosckof, bodies can only vanish if left in an area where other NPCs can view them. So basically, as long they’re not in an open space, they will be there to stay, but they won’t disappear completely. The entire process of decomposing the body took approximately two to three days.

Others in the thread were also impressed. “I just killed a gang of bounty hunters in the middle Heartlands. Some time passed, […] I somehow retraced the shootout location [.] and found all their decomposing corpses. They were all in the mummification stage, as shown in the third image. MercuryMorrison197 said that although I didn’t see their skeletons turn back, the detail in this game never ceases to amaze me. This game is just too difficult for man. 2018. Game and still beats many other games when it comes down to details. MasterHepburns said that it’s no longer funny.

Fans will continue to see more of this in the waiting for Red Dead Redemption3. However, it’s likely to be a long wait considering the eight years between the original two games. We may end up looking just like the decomposed NPCs when we finally get it.

Woah! ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Corpses Actually Decompose
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