The King Of Fighters XV Beginner’s Tips: Inputs and Cancels & Other
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The King Of Fighters XV Beginner’s Tips: Inputs and Cancels & Other

The King Of Fighters XV Beginner’s Tips: Inputs and Cancels & Other

The King Of Fighters XIVBeginner’ss Tips: Inputs and Cancels & Other

The King Of Fighters XV has just been released. With the game now available on so many platforms, it’s sure to attract many new players. Here are the King Of Fighters XV beginner tips for new players who are just fighting games.

1. Click Here to View the Tutorial

The tutorial is the best place to start if you are completely new to the game. While randomly hitting buttons is one way to learn, it’s much better to know which buttons do what actions before going into a match. You can also learn about super cancelling and MAX mode in this menu.



2. Choose Three Characters

KOF is a 3v3 fighting game. Each character acts as around. The players pick their feelings, and the winner takes the L. Pre-made teams of three are provided, so you know where to start. However, you can also mix and match your characters as you please.


3. See The Mission Mode

Once you have your characters set up, you can head to the mission mode to learn your character’s moves and combinations. Although there are only a few bread and butter combinations per character, it is the best place to learn about the timings and rhythms King Of FightersXV requires for its combos. You can also focus your attention on the next point.

4. You can practice your input execution

The King Of Fighters XIV

Some of the special moves inputs are more advanced than your usual executions if you’re a Mortal Kombat or Granyou’reantasy Versus player. You can expect many quarter circles to half circles as this is the universal input for Climax Super-Special Move. Although it’s not as common as people who play other times, you will soon be throwing supers around with reckless abandon.

This is a mistake. You will be punished for blocking it.

5. Select Your Order

Once you have your three-person line-up, you will need to determine the order in which your characters will be able to enter the match. To ensure you have some experience with your team while learning, it is a good idea to cycle your starter fighter every fight. The next step is to decide if you want the war to be started or stopped with the soldier you feel most comfortable with. Both options are possible.

6. Hit the Story and Versus Mods

The King Of Fighters XIV

It’s a good idea to get into The KinIt’s Fighters XV’s story and versus modes before yXV’secome a victim to the lobby monsters. Although AI may not be up to real fight standards, they are designed to punish bad behaviour with alarming regularity. The AI will throw out anti-air manoeuvres to stuff you if you are constantly jumping in to attack. You can use your moves and find ways around their defences.

The King Of Fighters XV Beginner’s Tips: Inputs and Cancels & Other
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