GTA 5 Next Generation Update: What We Know So Far
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GTA 5 Next Generation Update: What We Know So Far

GTA 5 Next Generation Update: What We Know So Far

GTA 5 Next Generation Update: What We Know So Far

We have all the information available about the next-gen update to GTA 5.

March 4, 2022Updated with the confirmed release date and updated information about the updated specifications.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been around since 2013. It is available on both Xbox and PS consoles. GTA Online was also introduced, which is a popular version of GTA that allows GTA players from all over the world to create their own characters for Los Santos.

S. This update is focused on updating the game to make it compatible with the latest technology available on next-generation consoles. The update offers a lot of features, including ray tracing and cross-console transfers.

This guide will cover everything we know about the next-generation update.

GTA5 Next-Gen Update Released

strong data -v-e5410c86 The next-generation versions will be available on March 15, 2022. Pre-loading the game is possible starting March 8 but it will not be available until the official release.

What is the Next-Gen Console Update?

This newswire post outlines that the next-gen update will bring many high-quality improvements in various areas of GTA Online and GTA 5. You can expect to see faster loading times across all consoles and more traffic. There will also be lighting improvements and motion blur.

Below are some examples of major improvements and additions.

Fidelity Mod

This mode will give you the best visual quality on your platform. This mode will enable the PS5, Xbox Series X consoles to support 4K resolution with ray tracing disabled. An Xbox Series S will not be able to support 4K resolution upscaled without raytracing. It is designed to run at 30 FPS. You might not like it if you want to be focused on the gameplay experience.

Performance Mode

Performance Mode will significantly enhance your in-game experience. The PS5, Xbox Series X and PS5 can both support upscaled 4K resolution. Only 1080p will be supported by the Xbox Series S. The important thing about performance mode is its 60 FPS. You can be ahead of the rest in a game where accuracy is key and driving fast can save your lives.

Performance RT Mode

Performance RT is for you if you enjoy the sounds of Fidelity as well as a Performance mode. This model combines the best of both Fidelity and Performance modes. This mode supports 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. This mode is not available on Xbox Series X or PS5 but it is available on Xbox Series X.

Haptic Feedback

GTA 5’s next-generation version will take advantage of the PS5’s responsive controllers. The game’s events will trigger the Haptic Feedback on the controllers. This includes gunfights and explosions as well as the unpredictable weather in Blaine County.

GTA Online: Changes

GTA Online allows you to create your character in Los Santos. You can also live in Los Santos however you like. You have the option to run a criminal enterprise or become the most successful L.S. thief. As part of the next generation update, the game will also get new features and upgrades.

We know everything that will be included.

  • A new introduction to the game for players new to the game
  • You can now jump directly into the mode you want (including weekly events) with a new menu
  • Career Builder Feature
  • New Vehicles
  • Los Santos Car Meet will feature Hao’s Special Works.

The online version of the game is likely to have the same settings as the main game and will receive the same quality of life upgrades.

GTA Online will become a standalone title after March 15, 2022. GTA Online is free to download on your PS5 from March 2022 through June 2022. You can also keep it! ).

Is it possible to transfer your progress to the Next-Gen versions?

Yes, your progress can be transferred from story mode or GTA Online to the next-generation versions. Your progress can be transferred to the next-gen console within the same family or cross-platform. It’s only a once-off transfer so be careful.

GTA 5 Next Generation Update: What We Know So Far
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