Although the ‘Elden Ring is Amazing, FromSoftware Still Makes The Same Mistakes

Although the 'Elden Ring is Amazing, FromSoftware Still Makes The Same Mistakes

Although the ‘Elden Ring is Amazing, FromSoftware Still Makes The Same Mistakes

Look. It’s a blast in Elden Ring. You most likely are! We all know that developers FromSoftware have used its history and its collection of assets, mechanics, and systems to create an unparalleled behemoth. However, we still wish that some aspects of that history were given a little more polish.

Elden Ring brings many quality-of-life enhancements to the Soulsborne formula. You can use the multiplayer tab to find the necessary items for the many incomprehensible rituals you want to perform with other players. Jumping is possible without the need to bend your hand into a crab claw in order to push the buttons. There is a horse! Cow? Thing?

Despite all these improvements, which are most welcome, Elden Ring still creaks and grumbles with all of the collective baggage from a series that never got over its initial problems. To be honest, Elden Ring‘s interface is still a mess.


These letters and numbers are a challenge for those who know how to decipher them. For newbies, however, the learning curve steep. Even though there is a help function, useful options such as the ability to sort the inventory screen, are not available. Although there are many controls on the menu screen, FromSoft has forgotten to include the ability to sort items by clicking the left stick. How did this happen? It is not possible to believe that they have implemented this very useful function, and then forgot about adding it to the control lists.

We’re well into the Soulsborne games, but FromSoftware doesn’t allow for much overlap between the inventory screen and the equipment screen. Although I admire any RPG designer who has to balance the functions of giving players access and not overwhelming them with an endless list of items, FromSoft haven’t really improved this aspect since Demon’s Souls. Why is it that I need to go to the inventory screen to drop or use items, and then leave the item browsing tab in the equipment tab? Even if these tabs are kept separate, it is possible to overlap options in order to save time.

On the subject of bugbears unchanged since these games began, why does right click, the button which locks onto enemies, also reset the camera? There is no situation in which I am trying to target an enemy while moving and would love the camera to turn away from wherever I’ve pointed it. Why does this option even exist? I’ve been playing these games for over a decade and I have literally, not once, ever used this function as intended. At least let me turn it off!

Elden Ring is not all about old problems. There are new, more difficult ones. What happens if I try to re-summon my mount Torrent after they have been defeated in battle? Will the game ask me if it would be okay to use a healing flask? If I summon them, it’s likely that I’m in a rush! The problem is that the default prompt hovers above the “No” option. To select “Yes”, you will need to press another button. It’s madness. It’s a ridiculous issue. You have to believe that they purposely chose this to be a problem. Although FromSoftware may seem sadistic, I’d rather see ten Sen’s Fortresses stacking on top of each other than a similar issue waiting in their next title.

Elden Ring has so many little, annoying things. Is there a way to get out of the telescope view? Ahem. There might be deeper, more fundamental problems associated with the experience. For example, why is it necessary to send phantoms home after defeating bosses in the open world? Even though they can be summoned back in, for instance? The small problems are important because most of them have simple solutions, but have not been implemented. Elden Ring has a lot of frictional design. However, these small mistakes don’t seem like an interesting challenge for the player.

These little problems, despite all the efforts Eldenring has made in order to make it easier for new players and provide a more accessible world and design, can still slow down the game. These issues are especially frustrating for veterans who have endured these problems for many years. FromSoftware has the ability to overhaul its clunky menus and controls. It’s time to revamp them, in line with changes made elsewhere.

Elden Ring has many amazing features, mainly because FromSoftware cleverly reuses so much of the material that came before. These issues deserve some attention. However, not all recycling is successful. If you can beat Bloodborne’s loading time while still giving players a world larger than the Dark Souls trilogy, then you should be able to turn off the bloody camera reset.

Although the ‘Elden Ring is Amazing, FromSoftware Still Makes The Same Mistakes
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