Elden Ring: How To Defeat Commander Niall

Elden Ring: How To Defeat Commander Niall

Elden Ring: How To Defeat Commander Niall

Elden Ring: How To Defeat Commander Niall

Many who have come across this lonely warrior are challenged by the task of defeating Commander Niall in Elden Ring. He is a faster fighter than Commander O’Neil, but it’s still possible to beat him.

Commander Niall can be found at the back of Castle Sol, just beyond the Church of the Eclipse place of grace.


While there will be enemies summons all around the area, it is best to ignore them while you learn how to fight. The fog wall can be seen ahead of you if you head out from the Church’s back and up the stairs to the neighboring building.

You can use any build to do this. However, it is worth considering a weapon you can quickly use. This will allow you to strike more often and won’t require Niall to use specific moves to strike. You can use Comet Azur with 60 Intelligence points and Niall spawns. This will deal a lot of damage and kill him quickly.

Niall summons two allies to help him fight. The one with two swords is dual-wielding, while the other can use a sword or a shield. It would be best if you went up to Niall’s right, and use ranged attacks or hit the dual-wielding knight immediately, it appears. You might be able to defeat it if you are strong enough.

Commander Niall

You must now lead the summons from Niall, regardless of whether you were able to take out the first knight immediately. Although they move much faster, this is not difficult. However, you want to ensure that Niall is far enough away from you that he doesn’t interrupt you while you fight them.

Both summons are equipped with charged combos, which will keep them open for several seconds. These moments will allow you to effectively take them down.

After defeating the summons, Niall is the only opponent. This is the heart of the fight. Although he will try different combinations with his Halberd, these are not as easy as you might think. If you strike too early, Niall will often follow up with a lightning stomp. This is very difficult to avoid when you’re busy swinging at him.

It’s better to wait for the performer to come and walk around the arena.

Commander Niall

The thunder stomp is the first. It also has a small wind circling it. This will send Niall high in the air, where you can roll under him and get a hit when he swings. You can perform a jumping attack towards his right side and his follow-up Halberd attack won’t hit you.

Another move to be aware of is the “whirlwind die”, which is when Niall takes out his weapon and starts to run at you. He is cloaked in a cycleone, so he can’t move very fast. Although he will strike with the Halberd, it is very slow and easy for him to dodge. You’ll be able to strike when you get out of the roll. However, you will need to be ready for Niall’s small AoE wind attack. This can be seen by looking at how the halberd is positioning. Roll away if it is moving downward

Elden Ring: How To Defeat Commander Niall
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