Pokemon GO Mega Moment Event Guide, Dates & Times

Pokemon GO Mega Moment Event Guide, Dates & Times

Pokemon GO Mega Moment Event Guide, Dates & Times

Pokemon GO Mega Moment Event Guide, Dates & Times

The latest Pokemon GO Mega Evolution system update has been officially released worldwide. Niantic has made it possible to participate in a Mega Moment, a celebration event. This event will feature a new Special Research Story and the debut of Mega Kangaskhan, Pokemon GO’s first Mega Kangaskhan.

All A Mega Moment Special Research Tasks

Part 1 of 4: A Mega Moment Tasks

Three Pokemon — Bulbasaur encounter
Three Pokemon — Charmander encounter
Three Pokemon — Squirtle encounter

Rewards: 500 XP, 200 Stardust, 10 Poke Balls


Professor Willow will then ask you to choose from Venusaur or Charizard before you can continue your research. This will affect your remaining tasks and the Mega Energy you receive. If you see Venusaur*, Venusaur, Charizard, or Blastoise are involved, depending on which option you choose.

Part 2 of 4: A Mega Moment Tasks

Five Pokemon — Ten Pokeballs
Five Berries are needed to catch Pokemon — Ten Great Balls
Five times to power up Pokemon — Ten Razz Berryries

Rewards: 1 Premium Raid Pass, 200 Mega Venusaur* Energy, Venusaur* encounter

Part 3 of 4: A Mega Moment Tasks

Five hearts for your buddy — 50 mega Venusaur* Energy
You can power up Pokemon 10 times — 50 mega Venusaur* Energy
Mega Evolve a Venusaur — One Charged TM

Rewards: 1,000 XP, 600 Stardust, 100 Mega Venusaur* Energy

Part 4: A Mega Moment Tasks

Win a Raid Six Revives
Defeat Team GO Rocket Grunt Two Silver Pinap Berries
Take a photo of your Buddy — Six hyper potions

Rewards: 2,000 XP, 1,500 Stardust, 100 Mega Venusaur* Energy

A Mega Moment for Mega Kangaskhan

Mega Kangaskhan will make its Pokémon GO debut at the event and the focal point of a special Raid Day. Mega Kangaskhan’s adorable evolution is when baby Kangaskhan discovers his feet and leaps out of the pouch to aid in battle!

Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day will see trainers participate in more Mega Raids to celebrate its release. Players will be able to receive up to five standard Raid Passes free of charge from spinning Gym Photo Discs on Mega Raid Day. Mega Raids will have a higher chance of meeting shiny Kangaskhan, so get your Battle Party ready to take on the Parent Pokemon (and her baby!) )?

Mega Moment Pokemon in the wild

For the duration of Mega Moment, you might notice a shift in the number of Pokemon that appear in the wild. You might notice some Pokemon that can Mega Evolve more often around you. Grab the chance to catch powerful Pokemon to power up and Mega Evolve.

Additional bonus events

When you spin some Pokestops, you will find new event-related Field Research Tasks. These tasks will reward trainers with random mega energy. This is a great way to get lots of resources and start evolving. Mega Kangaskhan can’t be obtained through Mega Kangaskhan Raids, so this random Mega Energy doesn’t include it.

  • Five times to power up Pokemon — 25 random mega energy
  • You can power up Pokemon 10 times — 70 random mega energy

Mega Evolved Pokemon will get an extra CP boost and all the above. This will make them more powerful and save some Stardust!

What date is the A Mega Moment Pokemon GO Event?

The A Mega Moment will be held globally between 10 am and 8 pm local on April 29th, 2022. Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day will take place on the final day of April 29, 2022.

This is all you need to know to participate in A Mega Moment in Pokemon GO. You can read the original news article and our guide to Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go.

We have always been cautious with our Mega Energy at the WPC office. This new event and the update on Mega Evolution are seriously exciting news. We may even get around to Mega Evolving some new things! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the changes and the event.

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Pokemon GO Mega Moment Event Guide, Dates & Times
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