In September, Pokemon-Like MMOTEMTEM is leaving early access
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In September, Pokemon-Like MMOTEMTEM is leaving early access

In September, Pokemon-Like MMOTEMTEM is leaving early access

In September, Pokemon-like MMOTEMTEM is leaving early access

Temtem is a Pokemon-inspired MOM that will be ending Early Access on September 6. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S on the same day as the current releases on PS5 & PC. A trailer was released with the announcement. It showcases the game’s distinctive art style and 2v2 turn-based battle system. The 1.0 update will bring new weekly quests, seasonal updates, and a battle pass.

Temtem launched on May 29th, 2018. The project was funded in five days. It includes everything you would expect in a mainline Pokemon video game, including catching and fighting Temtem, challenging Dojo leaders, and taking on the evil Clan Belsito. You can even have rideable Temtem, and Temtem that will follow you in battle – popular Pokemon features that Game Freak seems to have forgotten about. It is a clear attempt at evolving Pokemon’s tried-and-true formula. So far it has been a success.

Temtem still stands out from its inspiration. The game runs almost exclusively on double battles unlike Pokemon unless your opponent has only one Temtem. With a ban/pick phase, which limits the number of Temtems each player can use in battle, the competitive mode is much more elaborate. It’s an MMO with a focus on multiplayer elements. This is something that mainline Pokemon games never fully appreciated. Temtem tamers have the ability to customize their appearance, decorate and buy a house and participate in the entire storyline of the game’s main story in the coop.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were released in November. Pokemon Legends: Arceus was released in January. This has meant that fans of monster-catching have had plenty to choose from. This trend is not likely to slow down with Temtem’s full launch in September, and Pokemon Harley and Violet due out sometime this year.

In September, Pokemon-Like MMOTEMTEM is leaving early access
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