ICYMI: All From Capcom's 2022 Exhibition

ICYMI: All From Capcom’s 2022 Exhibition

ICYMI: All From Capcom's 2022 Exhibition

ICYMI: All From Capcom’s 2022 Exhibition


Capcom is expected to conclude Summer Game Fest absent any surprise presentation. Osaka-based publisher Capcom has made a few announcements this month in other showcases, including State of Play, hands-on demos of Street Fighter 6 during Play Days. But their show promises to cover more of what people already know.

Capcom has a lot going on now with Resident Evil and Street Fighter. So a showcase to remind people how they are doing in sales and critical areas honestly isn’t a bad idea.

Below is a summary of the stream and highlights.

  • Ryozo Tsujimoto, literal heir to Capcom’s dynasty — introduces more Monster Hunter Sunbreak. Only a few more weeks until the Switch and PC games release their expansions.
  • A new trailer shows off the new monad returning monsters like Magala. It also showcases the Jungle level. Although I call it “new”, it is actually a return area from Monster Hunter 2.
  • Espinas is also known as “Returning”, a monster that only existed in the Monster Hunter Frontier series. Frontier was a Monster Hunter online MMORPG for PC and Xbox 360, which only existed in Asia.
  • A demo of Sunbreak was also available. It featured a number of different monsters similar to the Monster Hunter demos. These demos had Beginner, Intermediate, and Hard difficulties, as well as advanced difficulties in single or multiplayer. Tomorrow, June 14, the demo will be available for Switch and PC.
  • To purchase Sunbreak you must have defeated the 7-star boss fight in Rise. Also, you will need to free 13GB of space.
  • An update to Sunbreak has been announced. It adds new monster Lucent Nargacuga. Additional title updates will be made in Winter, Fall, and 2023. Capcom seems to have heard the complaints about rising and not having a consistent update cycle. They are hoping to rectify that situation with the Sunbreak Expansion.
  • Next up is the Capcom Spotlight Corner. Here they will be discussing Street Fighter 6. This is largely a repetition of the trailer.
  • The Capcom Fighting Collection gets the spotlight. This game is unlikely to revive dead series.
  • Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium is next. It functions in the same way as the first. Everybody gets the sidescroller Sonson free of charge, but Street Fighter II can be obtained for a limited period.
  • Next up is Exoprimal a multiplayer action-shooter that focuses on defending against dinosaurs. A new trailer reveals some details about the game.
  • New footage features Leviathan, an AI who tests humanity by forcing humans to fight dinosaurs in a simulation. The main game mode is Dino Survival.
  • The gameplay details show that this game is primarily a multiplayer one, despite the story focus. It even has LefDead’sad’s director, which changes the mission. This is likely Leviathan.
  • Exosuits are basically warframes that allow you to move and shoot differently.
  • Sign up on the official site to take part in a closed network test. Exoprimal will be released next yeIt’sIt’s the 10th anniversDragon’son’s Dogma, a beloved open-world action fantasy game first released in 2012. Hideaki Itsuno is the creatorDragon’son’s Dogma as well as most of the Devil May Cry games, and will be speaking about the game.
  • We now move to Resident Evil. An adult Rose recalls the events that took place during Village. This is a world premiere video.
  • Rose, who is being tortured, is trying to escape the curse of her powers. She enters a consciousness actively trying to attack Rose.
  • This story DLC is called Shadows of Rose.
  • We are also receiving new Mercenaries content that includes Chris, Heisenberg and Lady Dimitresciu as playable character characters. Because they are familiar with the internet, they emphasize her height.
  • The Village will also get an update adding a third-person moIt’sIt’s a lot like Resident Evil 4
  • All this information is combined into Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, but the DLC is calSummers’ers’ Expansion.
  • RE-Verse will also be included with all of that. Remember RE:Verse the multiplayer Resident Evil item that was supposed to be part of Village. That’sat’s fair.
  • All this happens on October 28, 2022.
  • Next we reach Resident Evil4. This was announced at the last State of Play. They replayed the entire trailer from that show.
  • Yasuhiro anpo, the director, and Yosohiaki Hirabayashi, the producer are both out. They call the game a reimagining Resident Evil4.
  • Although it is unclear how the Ganado, the principal enemy of Resident Evil4, has been completely redesigned, some extra footage is shown to partially confirm the report we did earlier in the year.
  • X, and updated PC versions today. The updates add 4K compatibility, higher framerates, and 3D audio. For previous owners, they are also free.
ICYMI: All From Capcom’s 2022 Exhibition
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