Minecraft Player Builds Kebab Dispenser

Minecraft Player Builds Kebab Dispenser

Minecraft Player Builds Kebab Dispenser

The cat-based adventure game Story has gained a massive following via social media thanks to its feline protagonist.

One modder used these distractions to achieve the most ambitious gaming crossover ever attempted.

This is right! The Stray cat’s freshest customization brings a little bit of Minecraft to the Stray cat in a way that may be slightly smelly.

The mod does only one thing, as its name implies. You can play Stray as a pink Minecraft pig and leave the blocky world that you call home, and go to the walled city to solve puzzles.

Unfortunately, unlike in a mod Minecraft server, this new pig skin will not make you invincible or immune to failure. If you are one of many Stray speedrunners, don’t get too lost in the square swine experience.

You might also consider another mod if you aren’t ready to move from cats to other animals.

This mod was created by norskpl (prolific modder). His previous work included adding a Nyan cat loading symbol to Stray and a bunch of classic cars for a similar game called Mafia 2: Definitive Edition.

Their latest creation is called Oh extended Johnson mod (Request). It brings a talking cat from a viral YouTube video in 2013 into the game. After seeing the classic Facebook content, compare the sound made by the original cat with the one added to Stray by this mod.

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