How To Make Sea Lantern: Minecraft Guide (September 2022)

How To Make Sea Lantern: Minecraft Guide (September 2022)

A sea lantern is a brick found in ocean monuments and underwater ruins. A sea lantern produces light. To create a sea lantern, you must first locate the Ocean Monuments to get Prismarine shards and Crystals by slaying Guardians beneath the sea. To build a Sea Lantern, please follow the procedures below.

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Ocean Monuments

To create a marine lantern, you must first locate ocean monuments. Before searching for ocean monuments, you must prepare various remedies (water breathing potion, night vision potion, regeneration potion). Go to the water to locate a monument deep in the sea.

These medicines will assist you in finding and seeing the monument from above the sea and breathing after falling into the ocean. Before searching for monuments, drink all of the remedies one by one.

Kill Guardian To Get Shards

After diving into the ocean, you must locate and kill a guardian to obtain four prismarine shards and five prismarine crystals. It may take some time to kill them; be patient until you have the necessary shards and crystals.

Sea Lantern

Using the crafting table, we can now create a marine light. Go to the crafting table and activate the 3*3 crafting grid. Place four prismarine shards in the grid’s corner cells and prismarine crystals in the remaining cells. A marine light will be given to you in the crafting table’s right-side box. Put this lovely item in your “ready to use” stock.

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