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The simulator that turns you into a bum

The simulator that turns you into a bumBum Simulator is your sport which you’re must be trying to find if you have always imagined living as a bumblebee, or rather homeless. With the utmost respect for the homeless, Bum Simulator takes players in the shoes of a man who has lost everything finding himself on the roadside, which will need to accommodate to the best to be able to survive.

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The simulator that turns you into a bum

In the role of a man who has lost everything, you must opt to adapt to this situation and attempt to survive. Among this game’s several activities stand out the discovery of the practice of pigeons, the abilities hidden by bums, a survey of people who deputy from the sewers, the study of alcohol compounds and much more. There are moments in the sport where you will bubble the annoying individuals and many others in which you will land the troublemakers with strong burps up. There is no lack of abilities like alcohol manufacturing, pigeon training and any activity that is profitable and shady.


You can annoy people. You fight with others homeless, maybe throwing them in the garbage, or throwing around on the road, without needing to have the ability to ask for alms in certain areas of the town. You can train pigeons and utilize them to escape the police. The participant take actions becoming a true legend among the displaced, beg and must rummage through the waste.

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