Resident Evil 2 Goddess Statue Three Medallion Puzzle Guide


Resident Evil 2 Mostly Occurs at the Raccoon City Police Station and Also to get out of there at the first phase of the Effort you need to Fix the Goddess Statute Three Medallion Puzzle. Follow the guide below to learn where to get the three medallions.

The Goddess Statue is located aside the stairs in the primary hallway of the police station. You can not miss it when entering cleaning the gas station prologue and racing from the roads in the opening.

The Resident Evil two Goddess Statue Three Medallion Puzzle when solved allows you get into the stage of the effort, opening up a brand new location and to escape into the underground area. To solve the puzzle you will have to find the Maiden, Unicorn and Lion medallions. This is carried out by solving the puzzles.

Resident Evil 2 Goddess Statue Three Medallion Puzzle Guide

When you enter the authorities station you’re going to be asked to visit the East Hallway and by clearing that segment you are going to find a notebook detailing the answer.

Resident Evil 2 Lion Medallion Option

The Lion Statue is located when you move up the staircase from the Goddess Statue. The solve it enter Lion, Plant and then Eagle.


Resident Evil 2 Unicorn Medallion Solution

The Unicorn Statue is located from the south section of the Library in the Lounge room. To solve it input then, Scorpion and Fish Vase.

Resident Evil 2 Maiden Medallion Option

The third and final Medallion is that the Maiden Medallion located in the West Storage Room of the floor either via the Library or the route . To get the Statue you are going to need to blow off the gate using the C4 attached to it, mixing it with device and the battery does this. This puzzle is your most annoying, so it’ll be tough to see what you are entertaining since the symbols are ruined. The solution to this puzzle is Maiden, Bow and then Snake.

Next all you have to do is enter all three Medallions to gain access to the underground area, where there’s a surprise.

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Resident Evil 2 is currently on PC and Xbox One, PS4.

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