Wreckfest Rocketeer Trophy and Achievement Guide


You want to Finish Wreckfest with 100 Percent and unlock the Platinum Trophy? Then you also have to learn the following task — Reach 210 Km/h (130 Mph) With Rocket

Proceed to your garage by the button My Automobiles and grab the A298 Rocket.

However, before you can unlock this trophy that is high-speed, you need to improve your vehicle. Return to the menu and select the updates .

Use your upgrades, if you are in the tuning menu and eliminate any armor.

Can you really do everything, begin a Custom Event, that you choose the Motor City Circuit Track. Now go to the Event Options and place you do not want opponents (opponents 0).


As you can see in the movie, you might also do a few fine tuning! Fantastic luck with this undertaking!

  • Rocketeer
    Reach 210 Km/h (130 Mph) With Rocket.


Wreckfest Rocketeer Trophy and Achievement Guide

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