Rage 2 EcoPod Locations – Trophy and Achievement Guide

In RAGE 2 there are some hidden EcoPods to find, you have to find them to complete the game with 100%. If you find the four EcoPods you can unlock the following trophies / achievements:

EcoPod Locations in Rage 2

In the video you will find all 4 locations of the EcoPods, below the video you can see the respective timestamp.

00:06 – 01 – The Wilds Ecopod (Reaching out to the Past Achievement / Trophy)
00:44 – 02 – Broken Tract EcoPod (Forlorn Watcher Achievement / Trophy)
01:22 – 03 – Wetlands EcoPod (Sunken Hope Achievement / Trophy)
01:56 – 04 – Dune Sea EcoPod (The Bowels of a Rust Giant Achievement / Trophy)

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