Paraiso Island – PS4 Trophies List

We have all of the PS4 decorations for Paraiso Island, such as all ailments. In total there are 11 decorations which you can unlock.

Paraiso Island Trophies List

  • Redecorate Home
    Redecorate entire Home.
  • Complete Quests
    Complete a dozen Quests.
  • Buy Things
    Purchase a dozen items.
  • Sell Things
    Sell a dozen items.
  • Daily Bonus
    Collect a week of Daily Bonuses.
  • Fill Wardrobe
    Fill an entire wardrobe or safe.
  • Tutorial Complete
    Help Noodoo find a new home and learn the basics.
  • Plant Trees
    Plant a dozen trees.
  • Catch Fish
    Catch a dozen fish.
  • Chop Trees
    Chop down a dozen trees.
  • Fill Inventory
    FIll Inventory to the brim.
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