The Walking Dead The Final Season – All Collectible Locations


The Walking Dead: The last Season contains 24 collectibles (6 for each scene). In the event that you discover every one of the collectibles, you can open two trophies or accomplishments for each scene. There is constantly an assignment for gathering and putting the collectibles in your room.

A portion of the collectibles can be missed, they are attached to explicit exchange choices, as represented in the assortment control beneath. You can see which collectibles you found in the Extras segment of the primary menu.

You can discover a review of the considerable number of trophies for the last period of The Walking Dead right here

Find all collectibles – The Walking Dead Trophäen Guide

Trophies / Achievements earned:

  • Scavenger (Episode 1)
  • To Make It Look Nice (Episode 1)
  • Gatherer (Episode 2)
  • Personal Touch (Episode 2)
  • Hunter (Episode 3)
  • Feels Like Mine (Episode 3)
  • Survivor (Episode 4)
  • Home At Last (Episode 4)


Episode 1: Done Running

#1 Deer Skull – 0:05
#2 Plastic Flowers – 0:38
#3 Real Flowers – 1:00
#4 AJ’S Drawing – 1:27
#5 Cat Skull – 2:12
#6 Tenn’s Drawing – 2:56


Episode 2: Suffer The Children

More collectibles coming soon!

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