RAGE 2 – Weapon List and Properties


In RAGE 2 there are obviously a few weapons you can discover and utilize. In this Gudie we need to give all of you accessible weapons.

We show you from where you get the weapon and what the weapon can do.

This weapons control is under development and will be considered in the blink of an eye! You can likewise discover more tips in our trophy direct or on our diagram page for RAGE 2


All Weapons and Abilities

Weapon Description Abilities
Firestorm Revolver This weapon can burn your opponents.
Hyper-Cannon Charge up this weapon and shoot a high-speed rail dead straight to your target.
Charged Pulse Cannon A powerful energy weapon that releases a super-heated EMP blast.
Grav-Dart Launcher Defy the laws of gravity and stick your enemies to surfaces with this dart launcher.
BFG 9000 This DOOM BFG weapon kills enemies with just one shot
Settler Pistol Nicholas Raine’s pistol. Only included in the Deluxe Edition.
Smart Rocket Launcher Fires multiple simultaneous smart rockets on your enemies.
Ranger Assault Rifle Standard assault rifle.
Sidewinder Pistol Standard revolver pistol.
Combat Shotgun Standard shotgun.


Weapon Description Abilities
Wingstick An upgradable homing boomerang weapon..
Grenade Standard throwable grenade.
Turret Drone Support drone that dishes out damage remotely.
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