Anthem: Give your Javelin a Toy-Story look


A Javelin in Anthem who could be a “Toy Story” character? This is very conceivable, as a player presently presents in a little guide. This is the manner by which your Javelin resembles an activity figure.

In Subreddit to Anthem the player ThirstyWalter1 has distributed a scaled down guide, which gives you tips for shading your lance. He was roused by the Disney motion picture Toy Story and picked the hues that made his Javelin resemble a toy from the motion picture.

Notwithstanding a video, the player shows a few shading plans that he uses to structure his lance. It’s so natural to let your lance resemble a Toy Story toy in 3 simple advances.

Anthem: Make yourself a toy Javelin

Step 1: Select the material “Hardened Plastic” for all parts of your javelin

Source: Reddit

Step 2: Choose from the color scheme of the Toy Story movies that Disney released, 3 colors you want to use

If you want to choose your own colors, ThirstyWalter recommends choosing colors from this segment:

Source: Reddit

When choosing colors, ThirstyWalter1 uses these rules:

Take 2 colors of yellow, red, blue and white. You can also take other tones that resemble colors, such as turquoise instead of blue.

Then you choose a third color, which is in the selection wheel next to one of the already selected colors.

As an example, ThirstyWalter1 has posted this image:


Source: Reddit

Once you’ve done that, come on Step 3: “Lean back and be an action figure in Anthem.”.

Although no character can be recreated from the film itself with this method, his Colossus could easily pass as a figure from the universe. That’s what the players think.

This is how the community reacts: The Toy Story Guide was well received on Reddit and has over 700 upvotes. The user, the corrupted student, has even picked out and published the RGB values ​​for the Toy Story colors.

These are the colors from top to bottom:

  • 167, 68, 39
  • 250, 199, 146
  • 163, 186, 76
  • 153, 94, 152
  • 230, 63, 63
  • 248, 212, 2
  • 249, 139, 90
  • 234, 79, 73
  • 1, 144, 230
  • 250, 206, 227

The user InfiniteShwifty has published a picture of his Colossus underneath that is based on the toy story character Buzz Lightyear:

Source: Reddit

Many players found the guide so cool that they asked for other possible combinations.

ThirstyWalter1 then published an even more detailed guide the day after that explains in detail the right choice of colors. You can look at the guide yourself if you are looking for more inspiration.

Do you customize your Javelin? Share your thoughts with the community! Use the comments below!

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