Destiny 2: Fishhook Lock Opened – Mysterious Box


Fate 2 – Fishhook Lock Opened/Black Armory Key Location for the secret box fascinating journey.

So as to open this piece of the container, you need to shoot certain articles in the EDZ Forge, Volundr Forge. Between adjusts 1 and 2, there are little blue floating articles that show up in two pieces of the guide. One on the left outside the field. The other in the cavern inverse the precipice.


At the point when they bring forth, wreck them both. At that point you need to finish the manufacture , you will discover a plunder reserve with the fishhook key for the Mysterious Box.

A review of the Mysterious Box, its area and every one of the Locks can be found here.

Open the Fishhook Lock – Black Armory Key Location

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