Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout – Dark Ops Challenges Guide


In the Battle Royale game mode “Blackout” there are some challenges that you can unlock. Among other things, you will receive “Merits” with which you can upgrade your Echelon level.

In addition to the normal challenges (which you can find here

We’ll help you, below are all hidden Dark Operations.


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Blackout – All Dark Operations

Blackout – Practice Makes Perfect – Dark Ops #1

Requirement: Shoot a bullseye in the firing range from 90 meters away
Solution: Just land on the firing range in Battle Royal and find a long-range weapon and a riflescope. Now go to the north side of the shooting range and shoot the targets from the wooden shooting gallery. This should be enough to get the required 90-meter bullseye shot.

Reward: A secret calling card


Blackout – Zombie Jams – Dark Ops #2

Requirement: Activate the jukebox in the diner
Solution:Visit the North Highway Diner on the blackout card and interact with the jukebox inside.
Reward: A secret calling card


Blackout – Red Light, Green Light – Dark Ops #3

Requirement: Find and be the first to plunder the stock of underwater supplies at the freight docks
Solution:The stock is under one of the buoys on the left and right sides of the ship. It looks like the supply is not available in every match.
Reward: A secret calling card


Blackout – Open The Blast Doors – Dark Ops #4

Requirement: Open the Blast Doors at Fracking Tower
Solution: Go to the Fracking Tower and find the blast door located on the floor in the center. A button that opens the blast doors can be found just north of it.
Reward: A secret calling card

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