COD Black Ops 4: Classified – How to Build the Zombie Shield


This guide will tell you the best way to construct the Zombie Shield on Classified. You should gather 3 pieces to manufacture the Riot Shield. Like different shields, it comprises of 3 sections, each with 3 diverse bring forth areas. Beneath you will discover all parts and areas.

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All parts to the Zombie Riot Shield

Handle- locations

Riot Shield


The handle is located in the Central Filing area, next to the take-off area. You just have to open a door.

  • Location 1: Go immediately after entering the room to the left. It leans against the wall under the counter.
  • Location 2: It is located near the filing cabinets in the middle of the room. The RK7Garison wall purchase is located directly behind.
  • Location 3: On the left side of the door leading to the main office, between 2 broken glass panes on the floor.



shield location

The sign is in the War Room: Lower level.

  • Location 1: Just below the stairs on the left side.
  • Location 2: In the middle of the room through the circular map on the ground.
  • Location 3: View from the stairs, in the right corner on the opposite side of the room, sitting next to and desk.



Visor location

The visor can be found in the laboratories. That’s where you get from the War Room. Uses the big freight elevator. When you are down, first turn on the power, this will activate the teleporters and you can orient yourself better.

  • Location 1: In the room with the power switch on the floor.
  • Location 2: Next to Teleporter 3, on the left side of the door labeled Weapon Check.
  • Location 3: Next to Teleporter 2, in front of two stacked metal canisters on the left side.




Go to one of the 2 workbenches to mount the shield.

  • Location 1: In the Central Filing area, where you have already removed the Shield grip. On the right side of the door leading to the main offices.
  • Location 2: In the weapons room next to Teleporter 3.
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