Red Dead Redemption 2: Strange Statues Puzzle Location and Solution


In Red Dead Redemption 2 there are many concealed fortunes and riddles, in this instructional exercise we’ll show you the riddle with the peculiar Statues, rapidly gaining $ 1,500.

A diagram of all trophy aides can be discovered right here, and we likewise have a total RDR2 Wiki.

Puzzle solution to the strange statues

Far north of the map, northeast of Bacchus Station, you will find a small cave. Inside there are several strange statues. Investigate the middle statue and you will get an entry in the journal. Then activate the statues as follows:

  • With a view to the exit – activate the statue which stands left to the exit.
  • Now you go to the next statue, to the right, but skip one. Activate it.
  • Again to the next statue, to the right, but skip one. Activate it.
  • Now you activate the fourth statue, directly to the right of the last one.



Now you hear a noise, the middle statue has now opened a secret compartment. In it you will find 3 gold bars, worth $ 1,500.

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