SCUM Bunker Locations: Map and Loot Map

Where would you be able to discover the shelters in SCUM? Is there a guide some place where the areas of the dugouts in SCUM are found? The endurance game SCUM appreciates a lot of notoriety only seven days after the discharge and offers a great deal to endurance fans. Similarly as with any endurance game, SCUM will at some point or another need weapons and other hardware to secure against or chase down different players. In the game there are a few fortifications that offer very great plunder, at any rate in the present variant.

In the first place you as a rule go over the dugouts rather haphazardly, so the inquiry emerges all the more frequently, at which positions can shelters be found in SCUM and is there a guide with the precise areas?

Filth – Find shelters

On Reddit a string with a plunder map has as of late showed up, which we can just prescribe to any SCUM player. The client SuspectLive has drawn the best plunder spots on it and obviously this incorporates the shelters. The dugouts are set apart on the connected guide with a yellow dab. In the fortifications you will discover by and large awesome plunder, for example, weapons, ammo, hardware, uncommon apparel and substantially more. The fortifications are normally protected by two ‘Mechs and there are regularly a great deal of zombies holding up in them. As a rule, you can without much of a stretch move beyond the ‘Mechs and go looking for plunder in the fortification.

SCUM Loot Map

Incidentally, not only the bunkers in SCUM are marked on the map, but also other good spots to loot, which is very helpful as a beginner in the survival game as a guide. The map is unfortunately not yet interactive (as one or the other may know of some other survival games), however, the loot map is in a very high resolution, so you can see the individual position and locations very well and find in the game can.

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