Far Cry New Dawn: MP3-Player Kocations Guide – Audiophile


In Far Cry New Dawn there are 10 covered up MP3 players you have to discover. This guide will give all of you the spots where you can discover the MP3 players. The accompanying trophy/accomplishment will be discharged:


Rediscover some sweet tunes for the new world. Locate all covered up MP3 players. Host as it were.

A total manual for all trophies can be discovered right here.

Find all MP3-Player in Hope County

You can start searching for all MP3 players from Act 1 onwards, none of these collectibles can be missed!


If you have collected all the MP3 players you not only get the trophy / achievement, you also get 5 advantage points.

#1 – 00:00
#2 – 01:31
#3 – 02:39
#4 – 03:27
#5 – 04:27
#6 – 05:18
#7 – 06:42
#8 – 07:59
#9 – 09:17
#10 – 10:24

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