Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Bridge Puzzle solution – Rough Landing


In Shadow of the Tomb Raider there are an aggregate of 10 riddles to illuminate. In this guide we tell you the best way to comprehend the Bridge confound in Mission: Rough Landing.

To start with, we’ll disclose how to fathom the riddle, beneath you’ll locate a coordinating video!

Strategic: Landing

Errand: Find Kuwaq Yaku

Zone: Peruvian Jungle

  • Use the crank that stands on top of the stone platform in front of the bridge.
  • With Jonah together you now have to activate the big lever (push it). As a result, a part of the bridge moves. You have to press the lever several times!
  • Then quickly down to the right, down the stairs to the water level. Jonah holds the bucket for a few seconds to shoot a rope arrow to the other end of the bridge. Then Jonah releases the lever and the weight from the water bucket lifts the bridge.


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Bridge Puzzle – Video Guide

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