Shadow of the Tomb Raider: White Queen Puzzle solution – Croft Manor


Shadow of the Tomb Raider has a few riddles to settle. A large portion of them are consequently found since the beginning. In this guide we clarify how the youthful Lara can locate the White Queen.

Over the span of the story you will play the Young Lara Croft, she infiltrates into a mystery room in the domain to locate “The White Queen”. Here you need to explain a riddle.

  • Go to the big globe, there are two wheels where you can turn.
  • The right wheel sets her to 30 N
  • The left one puts on 90 E
  • Then climb up the ladder, run around and press the crank.
  • Below, you must now push the two figures with the red shield so that they meet with the red lights.
  • Do you have that you have to go back to the ball, just turn on one of the wheels to turn off the light.
  • The cage for the white queen is open, now push it between the two other figures.

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White Queen Puzzle – Video Guide

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