Darksiders III: Chunks of Adamantine Locations – Purity of Power Trophy Guide

By J.P. on December 2, 2018 on Achievements, collectibles, Trophies

In Darksiders 3, you’ll need a Chunk of Adamantine to update a level 10 weapon. There are 3 Chunks of Adamantine, and on the off chance that you locate every one of the three, you will likewise get the accompanying accomplishment/trophy:

Virtue of Power

Gather 3 Chunks of Adamantine

This is only one of the numerous trophies offered at Darksiders 3, here is our finished trophy manage.

What does a Chunk of Adamantine do?

As you progress through the historical backdrop of Darksiders 3 and open new zones, you will discover Adamantine bits of different sizes and characteristics. Toward the start of the game, you will just discover Adamantine of the valuable metal, yet after some time you can discover better and less dirty pieces.

Toward the finish of the game, be that as it may, you can locate the biggest and best Adamantine in Darksiders 3, called “Piece of Adamantine”. You can update a +9 weapon of your decision to +10. The most noteworthy position accessible in the game. This expands the harm of the weapon impressively and is imperative for the last battles of Darksiders 3.

Find all Diamantspat chunks in Darksiders 3

Diamond Pat chunk in Darksiders 3 is not an ordinary resource. There are only three throughout the game, and all are achievable only if you have at least three of the four hollows. Once you have those skills, finding them is pretty easy.

  1. Explaining the Trophy/Achievement – 0:08
  2. Chunk 1 in Haven, North End – 0:36
  3. Chunk 2 in Boneyard – 2:24
  4. Chunk 3 in Scar – 5:08
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