Resident Evil 2 Remake: Mr. Raccoon Collectibles Locations Guide


In Resident Evil 2 Remake there are some concealed collectibles to discover, some of which you have to open the Platinum Trophy (100%).

In this guide, we’ll tell you the best way to discover all the concealed Mr. Raccoons collectibles. In the event that you go looking for them and discover them all, you will get the accompanying trophies/accomplishments:

Complete Vermin Extermination

Demolish all Mr. Raccoons.

Vermin Extermination

Demolish a Mr. Raccoon.

In the event that you need more answers for the game take a gander at our Resident Evil 2 100% walkthrough.

Mr. Raccoons Locations

There are a total of 15 of these Mr. Raccoon Mascot Bobble Heads hidden in the game. These Bobble Heads can be found in both Leon and Claire’s campaign and some are exclusive to each character. There is also a Mr. Raccoon figure in scenario 2. All in all, you have to play with Leon, Claire and the 2nd scenario with one of the two characters to find all the collectibles.

  • 11/15 Find in Leon’s campaign
  • 1/15 Find in Leon-B campaign
  • 3/15 Find in Claire’s campaign


1. Mr. Raccoon: In the West Office of the police station. Located on top of a shelf on the north wall.

resi 2 mr raccoons locations
2. Mr. Raccoon: In the S.T.A.R.S office on the second floor of the police station. Located behind a monitor in the southeast corner.

Mr Raccoon location 2
3. Mr. Raccoon: Police Station B1, Firing Range, Located on the floor in the northwest corner of the Firing Range of the police station.


4. Mr. Raccoon: Police Station 1F, Break Room. Located in the break room of the police station. Next to the single beds behind the briefcase.


5. Mr. Raccoon: Located on a table in the room next to the exiting Chief’s Office. Requires Square Crank to enter the room with Leon or Claire’s heart key.



6. Mr. Raccoon: (Claire’s campaign only) Located in the Southern Room of the East Storage Room, 3rd floor. The room requires the red heart key to enter. You get the red Heart Key from the Private Collection Room. Use it on this door, behind it on a shelf sits the Mr. Coon Collectible.

mr raccoon location 6
7. Mr. Raccoon: Located in the hallway west of the Clock Tower. Run all the way to the dead end and look at the last window. The figure is sitting on the window seal.

resident evil 2 mr raccoon 7
8. Mr. Raccoon: (Leon’s Campaign) After killing the giant crocodile, the booble head is in the opposite corner of the dead crocodile. Just before you climb up the ladder to meet Ada.


9. Mr. Raccoon: (Leon’s Campaign) When you take control of Ada and reach the Incinerator room. Look at the floor west of the door to the incinerator.


10. Mr. Raccoon: (Claire Campaign) After leaving the Parking Garage, you finally reach a basketball court where you are attacked by zombie dogs. Passing basketball you have to move through a bus. The collectible is located in the bus next to the doors.


11. Mr. Raccoon: (Claire Campaign) Find her in the Orphanage. After you enter the orphanage, go upstairs and when entering the kindergarten, the item is right in front of you.


12. Mr. Raccoon: Located in the lower part of the sewers. It is located in the corridor just before entering the storage room.


13. Mr. Raccoon: Located in the Laboratory’s Cafeteria. Find the Bobble Head on a table next to the ladder.


14. Mr. Raccoon: Located in one of the sleeping pods in the Nap Room of the Laboratory. After using the Signal Modulator, you can open the capsules.


15. Mr. Raccoon: (Can ONLY be found in scenario B with Leon or Claire.) Right at the beginning of scenario B, go down the tunnel. When you are on the other side of the tunnel, look for the last figure in the bushes on the left side of the stairs.


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