Destiny 2: Thorn Exotic quest guide

You want to play with the brand new Thorn Exotic pursuit and need help? We will show you all of the actions to unlock the exotic hand Cannon!

The first step, Independent Study, should be on your inventory as soon as you log in (following the Weekly Reset). You need to visit the Annex and then speak to The Drifter, of course, because he was the person who introduced you to The Word.

He’ll give you a badly damaged Thorn, which you have to bring about Banshee-44 in the tower. Instead of needing to disturb Zavala, go to the Farm and then talk to the cryptarch, Tyra Karn.

Then you have to go amassing Sapphire Wire, this is your next assignment. You can make this by completing the bounties of Ana Bray on Mars, beating Hunter from the Crucible or completing an Escalation Protocol.

NOTE: This guide is under construction, please understand if something remains flawed! We update this guide!

7 Steps – Thorn Exotic quest guide

1. A Melted Hunk of Metal

Despite the burn damage, you recognize this weapon as a Thorn, a legendary weapon capable of severing Guardians from the Light. The Shadows of Yor, followers of an infamous Guardian-killer, are well-known for carrying Thorns. This one is broken, but you think it may be possible to fix it. A reputable gunsmith would know where to start.

Solution: Bring the ruined Thorn to Banshee-44 in the Tower.


2. The Essence

Banshee has recommended a number of rare components that you should be able to use to restore your ruined Thorn to working order. First on the list is Hadronic Essence, a dense lattice of exotic baryons and mesons, once commonly favored as an infusion in Warlock fieldweave.

Solution: Gather Hadronic Essence by completing bounties for Asher Mir on Io, by defeating Warlocks in the Crucible, or by completing Nightfall strikes. Nightfall strikes grant the most efficient progress.


3. The Steel

Next on the list of required components is Plasteel Plating, a durable hybrid plastic favored by Titans for its balance of strength and workability. Plasteel is not commonly available for artisan use these days: the Red War wiped out the DIY supply chain within the City.

Solution: Gather Plasteel Plating by completing bounties for Sloane on Titan, by defeating Titans in the Crucible, or by completing encounters at the Blind Well. Heroic Blind Well encounters grant the most efficient progress.


4. The Binding

Last on the list of Guardian-grade components is Sapphire Wire, another hard-to-come-by item formerly favored by Hunters because of its versatility. Sapphire Wire, like Plasteel Plating, was another casualty of the Red War… but you feel confident that you can scrounge some up.

Solution: Gather Sapphire Wire by completing bounties for Ana Bray on Mars, by defeating Hunters in the Crucible, or by completing an Escalation Protocol wave. Escalation Protocol waves grant the most efficient progress.


5. Weaponize the Unknown

Your project is going well. The gun is now mechanically sound, but it is simply a gun: it has no intrinsic power of its own. You’ll need to reconnect it to the Light somehow, and the vast dark secrets of the Void seem like the most promising route.

Solution: Defeat Guardians in the Crucible using Void energy or Hand Cannons. Precision streaks using Void Hand Cannons grant the most efficient progress. Note that progress is multiplied in the Iron Banner or in Competitive Crucible matches.


6. Something Yet Remains

Your Thorn hums with the hungry indifference of the Void, but it lacks something essential. You know the original Thorn was intimately connected to the Hive, though you don’t know exactly how. Wandering around the Tower to ask your mentors about the provenance of a banned weapon strikes you as a bad idea, but— There are quieter places to ask questions. Places off the beaten path, where knowledgeable Cryptarchs have settled down to do their work in peace and quiet…

Solution: Pay a visit to Tyra Karn at the Farm. The Farm is accessible via the EDZ Director.


7. The Chasm of Screams

While you were speaking to Tyra, she mentioned something called the Hated Path, a sort of primer to transform an ordinary Hand Cannon into a Thorn. Bathe your Light in horrors. Feed your weapon with death. Bind it with sickness. Horrors, death, sickness… that all sounds like the Hive nests on Titan to you.

Solution: Defeat the Arbiters, Sardav and Telesh, then defeat Savathûn’s Song in an epic reprise of strike “Savathûn’s Song” on Titan.

Now we will show you some video guides, we will expand this guide soon!


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