Anthem: Vanishing Act – Puzzle Solution

Back in Anthem there’s the Mission Vanishing Act, in which you’ve got to solve a puzzle to complete the mission. We’ll explain how you can solve the puzzle.

For more information and updates about the game, see our Anthem theme page.

Anthem Vanishing Act Puzzle Guide

This puzzle is quite difficult, at least if you do not understand it. To solve the puzzle you have to bring the symbols together on the rings.

The center ring has the symbol you need to match. So you have to align the symbol in the middle with the same symbol in the second, third and fourth ring. Say, the middle symbol is a cross. Now you have to press the key when the second circle cross and the first circle cross meet. It’s a bit delayed, so you may need to squeeze something before they meet. Do the same for the other symbols and it will be completed. You will eventually be attacked and hopefully your team will watch your back as you solve the puzzle. Once you have figured out the first riddle, you can do the rest.

Maybe we described it a little bit unhappily, for a better understanding, here’s a video about it

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