Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Deal with the Pillagers – Side Mission

Manage the Pillagers is a side crucial Shadow of the Tomb Raider. In this guide we tell you the best way to finish the mission.

District: Kuwaq Yaku

Prize: River Hawk Pistol, Unwelcome Guests (trophy/accomplishment)

This side crucial in Kuwaq Yaku, it’s the main side strategic the game. Address a NPC in the bar, at that point the side crucial show up on your guide. You will at that point see another NPC being thumped down a trip of stairs. The mission begins with him.

Converse with Omar, Talk to Marco, not a problem.

Marco is searching for somebody to step in for his child, Lara obviously acknowledges this employment proposition and goes to the building site. In transit you meet Pablo, Marcos child, who is somewhat befuddled. After a short discourse, Lara vows to deal with the trouble makers.

At the worksite, you should now vanquish the adversaries. At that point you return to the bar to get your prize from Marco.

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Deal with the Pillagers – Video Guide

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