Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Retrieve the Savior’s Amulet – Side Mission

Amulet of This Savior is a Negative mission in Shadow of This Tomb Raider. Inside this guide, we will describe how to find and finish this quest.

Area : Hidden City, Paititi
Reward: Hearts and Minds (Trophy & Achievement

The Necklace Location — Savior’s Amulet of manko

To be able to play this aspect assignment, you have to have finished”The King’s Horn” earlier, and that means you’ll automatically get this quest.

You have to research a cave to discover the silver string (Manko’s necklace), this really is pretty straightforward. Adhere to the pursuit’s markers and visit the white tree, from where it is possible to scale the cliffs. You’re in the round area and As soon as you’ve discovered the entrance, the water level rises, you need to press on a floor from floor in a sinus.

From the movie you’ll be able to see the procedure, in which the silver string is concealed and where the buttons are available.

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