Ghost Recon Breakpoint: All Blueprint Locations Guide – Master Craftsman

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint there are numerous plans to discover. In addition to other things, you can make weapons with these diagrams.

In this guide we need to give all of you the areas of these diagrams. On the off chance that you discover 40 of them, the accompanying trophy will be opened:

  • Master Craftsman
    Find 40 Blueprints and then buy 5 Weapons on Demand at Maria’s.

An overview of all Ghost Recon Breakpoint trophies and guides can be found here.


Blueprint Locations – Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Pistols Blueprints

Weapon Provence Location
Desert Eagle Sinking Country Cold War Airfield
Sharp Thunder Sinking Country Cold War Airfield
Five Seven Wild Coast Hybrid Engine Factory
C-SFP Lake Country Skell Security Operations
M1911 Mount Hodgeson Mining Control Centre
P4X Lake Country Red Viper Outpost (wolves)
F40 Channels Navy Refueling Station
M9 Infinity Skell Technology Head Office
P320 Seal Islands Behemoth Defense Site
P227 Wild Coast Behemoth Defense Site
P45T Mount Hodgeson Chem-Extraction Complex
USP Tactical Smugglers Coves Outpost Red Tiger (Wolves)
P228 Survival Battle Crate Act 1 Tier 25


AR Blueprints

Weapon Provence Location
M4A1 Assault Valor Preorder Preorder
SC-20k Mount Hodgeson Bald Peak Mine
M4A1 Channels Behemoth Defense Site
416 Assault Special Battle Crate Act 1 Random Battle Supplies
Aug Smugglers Coves Auroa Materials Depot
Aug Assault Class Unlock Level 10 Assault
AK 74 Assault Battle Crate Act 1 Tier 35
Mk17 Assault Wolves Store Store
805 Bren Sinking Country Camp Tiger
VHSD2 Fen Bog Whetstone Farm
416 Seal Islands Shark Base
AK 47 Fen Bog Behemoth Defense Site
553 Restricted Area 01 Behemoth Defense Site
416 Shorty Brown Store Store
AK 12 Cape North Skell Foundations Campus
Mk17 Windy Islands Garbage Dump
AK 74 Good Hope Mountain Auroa Survival Shelter
A2 Driftwood Islets Camp Kodiak
516 Mission Jesus Morrison
Silver Stake Tactical Sinking Country Cold War Airfield
416 Black Ice Club Reward Club Reward
G36C Whalers Bay Air Chassis Factory
TAVOR Wild Coast Engine R&D Centre
M4A1 Tactical Battle Crate Act 1 Tier 47
416 Shorty Battle Crate Act 1 Tier 19
Mk17 Assault Battle Crate Act 1 Random Battle Supplies


SMG Blueprints

Weapon Provence Location
Vector Cape North Behemoth Defense Site
Scorpion EVO3 Windy Islands Auroa Recycling Factory
Scorpion EVO3 CQB Class Unlock Level 10 Pathfinder
P90 Good Hope Mountain Behemoth Defense Site
Bullpup PDR Driftwood Islets Driftwood Islets Testing Zone
MP5 Liberty Maunga Nui Eco Park
Division MP5 Ubi Club Ubi Club
MP7 New Argyle Outpost Black Tiger (Wolves)
SN 9mm Infinity Infinity Transportation Hub
UMP Fen Bog Longford Farm


LMG Blueprints

Weapon Provence Location
Stoner Side Mission Critical Mass
6P41 Mount Hodgeson Behemoth Defense Site
MG121 Sinking Country Ammunition Depot
MK 48 Liberty Aurora Parliment
CTMMG Sinking Country Sentenel Corp Land Base
T95 Lake Country Behemoth Defense Site
L86A1 Restricted Area 01 Outpost Red Ferret
Mk 48 Compact Battle Crate Act 1 Rank 38


Shotgun Blueprints

Weapon Provence Location
M4 Restricted Area 01 Behemoth Defense Site
RU12SG Liberty Eternity
SASG 12 Restricted Area 01 Camp Ferret
KSG12 Infinity Skell Security
Silverback KSG12 Mssion See No Evil
M4 Assault Battle Crate Act 1 Random Battle Supplies


DMR Blueprints

Weapon Provence Location
Mk14 Assault Brown Store Store
M14 Seal Islands Abandoned Barracks (Wolves)
Scorpio Scout Class Unlock Level 10 Sharpshooter
G28 Restricted Area 01 Training Centre
G28 Scout (Wolves) Night Battle Crate Act 1 Tier 3
Scorpio Scout Quiet Y1 Season Pass Y1 Season Pass
G28 Scout (Wolves) Day Battle Crate Act 1 Tier 3
416 Scout Class Unlock Level 10 Medic
AK 74 Scout Battle Crate Act 1 Random Battle Supplies
G36C Scout Ubi Club Ubi Club
FRF2 Whalers Bay Land Chassis Factory
SVD-63 Lake Country Behemoth Defense Site


Sniper Blueprints

Weapon Provence Location
HTI Driftwood Islets Behemoth Defense Site
Tac 50 Smugglers Coves Maunga Nui Port
M82 Restricted Area 01 Assembly Hall Omega 01
M93 Quest Speak No Evil
L115A3 Channels Auroa Power Plant
Scorpio Sinking Country Behemoth Defense Site
Recon A1 Egg Island Bioluminencet Cavern
HTI Survival Store Store
Tac 50 Brown Store Store
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