Fortnite: Holographic Tomato Head, Durrr Burger Head & Giant Dumpling Locations

Among the 4th Week Fortnite Challenges requires you to: Dance Inside a Holographic Tomato Head, this is actually the first phase.

This task is divided into three degrees, so you don’t need to do everything. Below we describe where you’ll get the places, besides, we’ve included a movie with all the options. /p>

Find the holographic Holographic Tomato Head

The tomato head is located in the area Mega Mall, at coordinates H6. You need some materials, the tomato head floats in the air.

Holographic Durrr Burger Head Location

The Durrr-Burger-head can be found in Neo Tilted, at coordinates D5 / D6.

Giant Dumpling Head Location

The Giant Dumpling Head can be found at Lucky Landing, at coordinates F10./p>


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