Gossip: Two More Wii U Games are Heading to Switch


To additionally bits of gossip about a potential January Nintendo Direct, Emily Rogers is guaranteeing Nintendo has at any rate two Wii U ports underway.

My solitary worry around 2020 is that Nintendo could depend a lot on the relaunches of old things like a bolster to finish its schedule. Nintendo has authoritatively reported the remastering/new form of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Xenoblade Chronicles 1 during the current year. I can likewise affirm that Nintendo has (in any event) two progressively unannounced Wii U ports. They are not hard to figure in light of the fact that there are very few Wii U games left without being ported.

Emily on Resetera

Additionally, on the off chance that you don’t care for Animal Crossing, at that point the initial 3-4 months of 2020 won’t be too stunning for you by and by. Nintendo is clearly regarding Animal Crossing as its incredible March title, so that is something that individuals should acknowledge. Furthermore, as we saw with 2019, Nintendo likes to discharge the vast majority of its fundamental discharges in the second 50% of the year. What for the most part makes the pace of the principal half of the year more slow in examination.

Emily on Resertera


If you’re unfamiliar with Emily Rogers, she has been posting Nintendo rumors for a number of years. Some rumors have been proven true, others ended up being false and a few quite a bit off base. Historically there is enough data to show it’s worth considering but not enough to start putting money aside to buy these remaining ports.

Despite this, some people are already speculating what the remaining titles could be. Since she previously suggested Pikmin 3 is heading over, the assumption is that is one title, with the other being Super Mario 3D World. Even without previous rumors suggesting Pikmin 3, these two titles make the most sense. Out of the remaining games, these are two that would be easy to port, unlike things like Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, with one at least of them being extremely well received.


Only time will tell if this is real, fake or a lucky guess but if you’re hopeful for a new Nintendo Direct, you might as well consider this further proof.

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