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In the Xbox One Game Dragon Jam Steel Titans you can unlock a total of 24 achievements, Using a total of 1.000 Game Score. In this Achievement Guide we show you all the achievements and their tasks.

Below you will find all the achievements, in addition to hints, solutions and most of collectibles. You will find everything!


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Achievements List Monster Jam Steel Titans

Estimated time for 100%:
Achievements: 24
Secret Achievements:
Missable Achievements: 6
Minimum Playthroughs


Monster Jam Steel Titans Achievement Guide

    • Total Destruction
      Complete a Destruction Combo greater than 35x in Timed Destruction
    • Legendary
      Place 1st in any race on Steel Titan difficulty
    • Arena Championship Series
      Place 3rd or better in the Arena Championship Series
    • Stadium Championship Series
      Place 3rd or better in the Stadium Championship Series
    • World Championship Series
      Place 3rd or better in the World Championship Series
    • Outdoor Series
      Place 3rd or better in the Outdoor Series
    • Showtime
      Successfully perform 100 combos
    • On the Right Track
      Finish a race without going off track
    • No More Training Wheels
      Complete the tutorial
    • Speed Demon
      Reach a speed in excess of 99.1 mph (159.49 km/h)
    • High Miles
      Drive for over 100 miles (160.934km)
    • Long Jumper
      Jump a distance greater than 237.7 feet (72.42m)
    • Sky High
      Jump higher than 40 feet (12.19m)
    • Collector
      Find all 50 collectibles
    • Wheelie King
      Hold a Wheelie trick for 150 feet (45.72m) or longer
    • Stoppie Master
      Hold a Stoppie trick for 75 feet (22.86) or longer
    • Stunt man
      Successfully perform an 11x stunt combo in Freestyle
    • Gone Shopping
      Purchase an upgrade part or Monster Jam Truck


Secret Achievements

    • Full Garage
      Unlock all Monster Jam Trucks
    • Keeping It Clean
      Finish a race in first with no panels broken
    • Skeletal Remains
      Finish a race in first with all panels broken
    • Tricked Out
      Purchase all tier 5 parts on a Monster Jam Truck
    • Can’t Stop Me
      Finish an event with a broken tire
    • Go Big Or Go Home
      Break two or more tires
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