Wolfenstein Youngblood: Collectibles Locations Guide


In Wolfenstein Youngblood that there are a great deal of collectibles to locate, she wants her to finish the game with 100 percent and unlock the Platinum Card Trophy. Within this guide we show you the places of Readables, UVK Covers, 3D glasses, cassettes and disks. Accomplishments and These trophies will be unlocked?

  • Audiophile
    Find all Cassette Tapes.
  • Librarian
    Find all Readables.
  • Hacker
    Find all Floppy Disks.
  • 3-D
    Find all 3D glasses.
  • Cinephile
    Find all UVK Covers.


All collectibles – cassettes, floppy disks and more

Below you will find an overview of all 277 collectibles, including localities. At the moment we are working hard to finish this guide for you, it may be that we change one or the other.

An overview of all trophies and achievements can be found here in our Trophy Guide.

Collectibles Make visible on the minimap: After you reach lvl 30 you can unlock a perk in the Mind skilltree of your char. With this perk you will see all collectibles on your minimap with up/down arrows.

Floppy Disk: To really collect these floppy disks as collectibles, you need to put them into a computer. Only then will they be registered as collected. You can use any computer in the game to read the data on the disks.



Der Nachtfalter Collectibles

Floppy Disk 1 (Der Nachtfalter Door Code)
Cassette Tape 1 (Lothar Recording no.1)


Riverside Collectibles


3D Glasses 3 (Jess Texas Outfit)
Readable 1 (Die Neue Wahrheit article no.1)
Readable 2 (Die Neue Wahrheit article no.2)
3D Glasses 1 (General Winkler)
UVK Cover 1 (Der Golem)
Concept 1 (Der Nachtfalter, pt. I)
Readable 3 (Gustav’s Diary)
Floppy Disk 2 (Riverside Gestapo crates secured)
Cassette Tape 2 (Die Kollektion von Tregenza no.1)
3D Glasses 2 (Soph Texas Outfit)
Readable 4 (Angelique’s Letter)
Floppy Disk 4 (Re: Train station storage room)
Cassette Tape 3 (Resistance Log: Neu-Paris Streets)
Concept 2 (Der Nachtfalter, pt. II)
Readable 5 (Therese’s Letter)
UVK Cover 2 (Die Putzer)
3D Glasses 4 (Casino Robot)
3D Glasses 5 (Zeppelin Balloon Cart)
Concept 3 (Riverside, pt. I)
Readable 6 (Lut’z Bucket List)
Floppy Disk 3 (Rooftop Sniping Spot)
3D Glasses 6 (Neosoldat)
3D Glasses 7 (Sushi Buffet Table)
Readable 7 (Fischer’s Note)
3D Glasses 8 (Destroyed Escape Pod)
Readable 8 (Winkler’s Note)

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