Battlefield V Chapter 4 Update (June 24) Patch Notes


War zone V Chapter 4 Update (June 24) fix notes is currently accessible on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. As indicated by the official Battlefield 5 June update fix takes note of, the new fix includes content for Tides of War and the Armory, just as a few personal satisfaction upgrades and bug fixes. Aside from this, the new Battlefield 5 Chapter 4 June Update likewise incorporates changes for weapons, vehicles, and officer conduct and the sky is the limit from there. Beforehand, a major update was discharged with a not insignificant rundown of bug fixes and ongoing interaction changes.

Battlefield V Chapter 4 Update (June 24) Patch Notes


  • Airplane engine sounds no longer play repeatedly during flybys.
  • Fixed an issue where the Churchill Crocodile turret could be disabled and was unable to be repaired.
  • The FlaK 38 no longer scores points from glancing blows against an unmanned Sd.kfz 251.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to spot enemies with stationary weapons.
  • Added the new cooking destruction animation to the Churchill Crocodile reinforcement tank.
  • Squad leaders are now able to give squad orders while in the bottom gunner seat in the JU-88 C as well as the flamethrower/front gunner seat in the Churchill Crocodile.
  • Fixed an issue with the visual dust effect on some moving tanks.
  • The Pak40 and QF 6-pounder anti-tank stationary weapons will no longer automatically reload while the player is in zoomed mode.


  • Changed the Boys AT rifle magazine to contain five (plus one) bullets.
  • A Boys AT rifle with a medium range scope now correctly shows scope glint.
  • Bipods now deploy and undeploy with better response. Previously, the game checked whether the bipod should deploy or undeploy every 0.3 seconds. That is now every 0.1 seconds.

Medical and Ammo Crates

  • Players that have selected the Medical Crate or the Ammo Crate can now be seen holding it in one hand when viewed in third person.
  • Adjusted the Medical Crate’s healing radius to four meters when deployed and carried.
  • The Medical Crate owner is now awarded healing score when the crate’s aura heals friendly players.
  • When deployed or selected, the Ammo Crate now also resupplies your teammates’ primary and secondary ammo within a four-meter radius. It also gives score for it, similar to the Medical Crate.
  • The Ammo Crate owner earns resupply score when the crate’s aura resupplies friendly players.
  • Ammo and Medical Crates now collide with vehicles. This means the crates can be placed on top of vehicles and will remain in place when driving around (in other words: the heal-mobile has returned)!
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