Black Ops 4 Pack a Punch: Unlock Patch a Punch in Black Ops 4 Voyage of Despair


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Pack a Punch Is Quite Easy to unlock in Black Ops 4’s Voyage of Despair Zombies Map. Like in Zombies manners the Black Ops 4 Pack a Punch will help you update your weapon giving it a new skin, increases harm and ammo.

Unlock Black Ops 4 Pack a Punch in Voyage of Despair Guide

Until you know the runarounds of the map voyage of Despair is a map it may take you a few runs. Unlocking the Dark Ops 4 Pack a Punch in Voyage of Despair requires one to do two things.

First you have to obtain the”Artifact”

To do this head over as soon as you spawn and unlock the Poop Deck. Climb up and you will discover that the Sentinel Artifact, that is luminous blue. Activate the Sentinel Artifact will activate the teleporters, which makes four symbols appear on the map.

Get the Glowing Symbols

Find and activate the Symbols, their locations are below:

  1. Poop Deck, over the Pedestal
  2. Turbine Room, swim under the water, through the passage to find the red turbine
  3. Bottom of Grand Staircase
  4. Drain water out of Cargo Hold using the red lever, then look to your left

After activating these Symbols the Artifact will turn into the Black Ops 4 Pack a Punch. Certainly a bit more work as compared to previous maps but its fairly simple.


A bit more information about Black Ops 4 Pack a Punch. You can Pack a Punch a weapon 4 times, costing 5000 points each time. Each upgrade grants you a 25% damage boost and a new skin, with other upgrades like ammo capacity being dependent on the weapon.

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